Photos of the Adelle Onyango's simple and sweet studio after she was allegedly fired at Kiss 100 

I CHOOSE ME! Former Kiss 100 FM presenter Adelle Onyango has officially launched her new studio where she will be hosting her podcast.

Many Kenyans were moved by the pictures she had shared on social media.

“I started building ⁣⁣my office/studio ⁣⁣in February while slowly going⁣⁣ through my last days ⁣⁣on traditional radio – and my ⁣birthday month!⁣
I wanted a happy safe space⁣⁣ where I could tell the stories⁣⁣ I wanted to and have the ⁣⁣convos I wanted to, the way ⁣⁣I wanted to. But I also wanted ⁣⁣to build this space for myself!⁣” says Adelle.

“⁣⁣My bestie/husband kept ⁣ cheering me on because ⁣⁣ he knew I wanted this to be⁣⁣ a gift to myself!⁣⁣ This pic was taken the day we⁣⁣ realized I’d actually finished it!⁣⁣ This space has already given birth to two podcasts⁣ Legally Clueless ⁣PursePective – on the 25th of June! ⁣ But more than that it’s a ⁣⁣reminder that I had the guts to ⁣⁣CHOOSE ME! And that really gives me such joy!”

Hardly a week has elapsed after she was allegedly fired from Kiss 100. Rumours has it that she was actually forced by the CEO of the company to do it. It’s not yet clear why she was arm twisted into resigning so far.