Gospel singer, Bahati’s wife, has come out to say that it isn’t easy been married much less to a ‘star’.

According to Diana Maria marrying the 25-year-old singer is not a walk in the park mostly because of the scrutiny he gets online.

“It is challenging for me because Bahati is a public figure.As for him, I think he is used to bloggers and all these people and being scrutinized over small things. One thing that has helped me is that we are blind to haters ,”

It is not new that the couple has been attacked numerous times online especially over their age difference. Marua is older than Bahati by a few years and has been even been labelled a cougar. The two together have a daughter Heaven Bahati.

“Our age difference has been a huge factor out here but then again everyone has their own life. this is my life with him so live yours we know how we love each other so leave us and our age difference,”she added.

As Marua talks publicly about her struggles, we wonder If everyone is cut out to be married to a public figure?

What’s your take?

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