A statue of a ‘lion’  that has been erected at the city Centre ha gotten netizens  talking  and set social media on fire.

 The statue was first highlighted by former Capital FM presenter Laura Walubengo with the caption, ‘Why, Sonko, why?’.

This in turn  has gotten many responses.

Many have shared hilarious responses posting that the welcoming piece was a far cry from the actual beast and a failed attempt in the beautification of the city.

Others angered by the statue, want it pulled down as a joke gone too far and that the county could do better.

Some, however, praised it noting that art was meant to invoke thought and it has done exactly that.

Here are some of the responses:

Clint Muturi@ClintChege

Replying to @lwalubengo

This lion looks like it went to a spa?Got Botox injections and shaved off all it’s whiskers….



Replying to @lwalubengo

What kind of nonsense is this? I believe #Kenyans will be shocked when they truly discover how much it was paid for.


Replying to @lwalubengo @RasnaWarah

That lion looks quite high on something yet to be legalized! Wonder how it will look after the April rains!