Municipality Member of Parliament, Betty Nambooze has described the state of
security as being in a worrying condition.

appearing on NBS TV’s Morning Breeze on Tuesday, Nambooze noted that the state
of security is worrying to the extent that people are not sure of reaching their
homes safely.

said that during the State Nation Address, President Museveni was very shallow
when it came on the issue of security.

stated that president would have addressed the issue of the country relations
and unemployment.

are used to the situation where they don’t expect anything from the president,”
she said.

noted that the State of Nation Address was not a sitting room conversation
between the president and legislators.

was disappointed that the president didn’t give honest accounts of what is
really happening in the country,” she said.

noted that she wanted president Museveni to talk about the security and the
effectiveness of the CCTV cameras.

people are being killed each day and for years nobody is giving us an account,”
she noted.

further added that the main strategy of opposition is to empower Ugandans and
undertake activities meant to empower the public.

our people are civically competent, their people will be able to determine good
governance to give us good government,” she said.

said fighting for freedom has never been easy and no one should get frustrated
when the president says bad things about the opposition.

struggle is on, we still have many things to coordinate as the opposition,” she

added that opposition is thinking about creating a situation where Ugandans
will be renegotiating the existence of the country.

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