A video of a man who was arrested and taken to court for allegedly been found in possession of Marijuana has gone viral and is all over social media.

Edward Njeru Njue, who was allegedly found with Marijuana worth ksh 1000 spurred a moment of laughter during court proceedings after he started hitting on a female cop who was standing next to him.
Njeru Njue in court

Njue is seen in the video defending himself to the magistrate after been questioned on his possession of Marijuana. He says that he was only arrested because he could not bribe the police who arrested him.

As the judge tells him to await his hearing Njue turns and starts whispering to the female cop.
In the video Njue is seen, turning to the magistrate and telling her that he did not hear what her verdict claiming he was busy talking to the cop
“Madam sijasikia. Nilikuwa naongea na madam namwambia yeye hana sura mbaya. “
This sparks a light moment as the courtroom is filled with laughter
The magistrate hence responds saying, “Ehh huyo ni mrembo sana.”

As the judge gives the last word, Njue is told that he would have to spend one more day in jail.
More laughter is heard when he asked the magistrate to help him with money for food.

The magistrate responds to this telling him, “mimi nakupeleka huko mahali utapewa chakula ya serikali, (I am taking you to a place where you will be provided by government food).”

Here is the video courtesy of law news