This Week without prior information or notice the US Government launched a New Immigration Policy called ” Build America ” It’s a new merit base visa application system that seeks to increase the standard of scrutiny of visa application to prevent people of questionable reputation, economic immigrants and People without travel history from getting US visa.
Under this new rules key changes have already been implemented without notice, as follows :
1. End of Drop box (automatic visa renewal without interview for existing visa holders is cancelled. Existing visa owners will now apply and be interviewed like everyone else when their visa expires )
2. Green Card to be scrapped
3. Applicants for B1 or B2 visas without adequate travel experience will now be tomatically denied.
4. Applicant with monthly incomeelow $1700 will now be considered as economic immigrants and denied.
5. Strong ties & attachments (compelling proofs of what can bring you back )to Nigeria now to be strongly emphasized.

This is serious.