Well known Radio personality Caroline Mutoko has come out to speak her views on Akothee’s recent backlash by the public after the singer posted photos of herself at one her performances.

Mutoko who took to her YouTube V-log to give her views on the trending issue says that she believes “Kenyans have a strange almost mad obsession with insisting that EVERY public figure is a role model.”

According to Mutoko it is not part of the public figure’s job to take care of other people’s children and mind their bringing up, rather it is the parents’ job. Shifting the blame to public persona is unfair and uncalled for.

“What I cannot stand is that people decide that any person with a public profile needs to be shackled into a ‘box’. They force you be a role model and if you do not cir-cum to their wants they keep pushing,” commented the radio personality.

In addition she said that as a parent you cannot ask somebody else who is getting on with their lives and businesses their way to as grown ups to be ” wonderful because your children might want to be like them”.