Nameless Wahu

Nameless has been in the industry for 20 years now.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Mpasho he cited some achievements that he has and some plans that he has for the future.

He also addressed the need for artists to want to jump on the new Gengetone vibe with the upcoming artists.

When asked why he has not done any collaboration with the artistes, Nameless said, he has always kept it on his lane.

I am from a different generation.  as much as I would like to connect with the young generation,I should connect when I’m on my lane. Not to change my vibe as much but to just adjust.


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Wahu Kagwi and Nameless
Wahu Kagwi and Nameless. photo credit: instagram/Wahu Kagwi

He also went ahead  and advised artistes especially the young upcoming artiste who are still figuring music out, to enrol in an entrepreneurship class.

Go for entrepreneurship classes because no one will tell you but you need to get the knowledge on how to think like an entreprenuer. It will help you grow your brand and strategize.

Wahu and Nameless
With the love of his life

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He says that the industry has really changed both positively and negatively. There’s a lot of pressure because it is a competition between up and coming artists and the already established artists.

Nameless encourages artistes to stay true to their art.

On his latest project with Wakilisha where Stivo Simple Boy was featured, the song has done really well on the social platforms.

He then agrees that Stivo Simple Boy’s verse was made for him and he delivered.

The market is due for an album as I celebrate 20 years.

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