King Kaka’s Baby Mama Nana Owiti to whom he recently got engaged to, took to social media to tell of her miscarriage experience.

Nana who is now a mother of two with the rapper, explains how she got news that she had been carrying a still baby for weeks.

In the story she tells of how she thought it was a joke since she got the news on a 1st of April.

Nana Owiti  posted:

Miscarriage can be such a devastating journey to walk through as a mother. There are many symptoms and causes of Miscarriage and infant loss which we shall discuss.. I will share mostly what I’ve been through or what I’ve seen first hand..Have I been through a Miscarriage?Oh yes! I have..Mnapenda story sana so here goes 😊 

It’s Feb 2014. Beautiful morning. I take a test and oh! It’s positive. King said he wanted mtoi amuite ‘Daddy Gugugugu’ Now if you have been an ardent fan of King Kaka in his Rabbit days you will know that is an excerpt from his song-Twende. He meant every word. He wanted a baby-I grew into that idea. So yeah! We didn’t talk about baby names by the way. King has started calling me Mama Gweth long before we planned on having a baby. Said it’s a unisex name. I tell him no need of starting clinic mapema so we good.. First forward to the 1st of April 2014..I go the the washroom and get a blood stain. Kwani google ni ya kazi gani. Very fast I google and somewhere hapo napata ooh! Sijui implantation bleeding. Aaai! The math didn’t make up for implantation building but I choose to just hold onto the that as I freshen up and we head to the hosi. I tell the doc my LMP(Last Menstrual Period) and of course! The stain. He asks us to do a Scan.. the Sonographer calls another Sonographer and I hear. ‘Hakuna!’ Did I mention before that nimekunywishwa Maji mbaya sana coz the pregnancy is kidogo waezi Ona If the bladder is not full…Anyway I ask ‘Hakuna nini?’ the first Sonographer says ‘Hakuna heartbeat’… Yaani Hakuna siku ilifeel April fools Kama hii siku(notice the day) I gave King a quick glance and quickly gave those two Sonographer another one expecting a ‘We just fooled you!’ My God! There was no taking back their words. I died a little. King was confused and I some more. I walked out first and sat by the hallway of the hospital. Then King followed then we went back to the Sonographer and he asks..’Hakuna kitu mnaeza do yani?’ (Trust the Eastlando in this guy) Then he responds..’The best we can do is aoshwe as soon as possible..because by her LMP she should be 12weeks but by the foetal blah blah(those medical jargons)iko 7weeks meaning…….

she’s been walking around with a dead baby for weeks!!!!!’

God! I died some more…We were taken to the ER and before medical evacuation was performed I gathered enough courage and asked why?what happened?what did I do wrong? The doc was kind enough to explain.. ‘Could be many things..Stress..Hormonal imbalance..’ Honestly my brain went into a trance and well,I don’t remember much of anything he was saying. King Hugged me and well,we mourned our little angel that we didn’t get to meet.. When I woke up,King was by my bedside,My heart dented,soul fractured,eyes swollen and my womb childless 😢

Did I have my fears? YES! Did I worry I might never conceive or Never be able to carry a baby to term? OF COURSE!

Did I worry My Relationship with King would suffer a massive blow? Oh! My God!! ABSOLUTELY! Did I worry I would never get through that!! Wah! Si ndio!!!


Home we went with hopes of a child(ren) someday. God naye ni nani? In 3 months time Alifanya Kaa yeye and I was pregnant with our girl Gweth @gwethgeezy who is going to be 5 in a months time. Another 3years after that I got my son @princeiroma. If you are going through this Turmoil,I promise time is a healer and it shall be well. Your blessing is coming. Cry if you have to,sleep if you feel like,talk to a counselor. Chin up and Pray and hope for the best. When the doc waves that Green flag,do not be scared to take off. Try again.. I love you all. Love ❤️ and Light 💡