Kenyan singer Avril explained why she blocked radio presenter and entertainer Shaffie Weru throughout her pregnancy.

The singer whose official name is Judith Nyambura Mwangi in an interview on Kiss 100,  admitted to blocking Shaffie Weru because her pregnancy hormones did want or like him at the time.

“I think my pregnancy hormones did not just like Shaffie aki. Hormones zangu hazikuwazinajiskia na wewe,” said Avril.

On the other hand Shaffie, responded by saying that the pregnancy did not reject him but the company he kept.

“Boli ya Avril ilinichukia tu ivo. I think she blocked me because of the people I hang out with akina Chim, it’s my association. So from today you will have to follow me and like all the posts I put up for almost a year now. Boli yake haikunipenda, her mimba didn’t like me, first of all, I just got jealous that she went and got pregnant with someone else, hiyo ndoilinijamisha,” said Shaffie Weru.

Avril gave birth to a healthy baby boy around April last year.