Esther Passaris
Esther Passaris with Prophet Owuor at Uhurub Park

Photos of Nairobi Women’s Rep Esther Passaris at Uhuru Park during Prophet Owuor’s recent prayer rally have ignited mixed reactions among her supporters.

A section of the politician’s supporters has expressed their disappointment in her for attending the controversial man of God’s prayer rally. Some even said she could have used this time to visit hunger-stricken Kenyans in Turkana.

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Prophet Owuor has been grabbing headlines for all the wrong reasons of late and Passaris shared photos of herself standing next to him and accompanied by a Bible verse, 2 Chronicles 7:14:

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

Esther Passaris
Esther Passaris at Prophet Uhuru’s prayer crusade at Uhuru Park

Below are reactions from Esther Passari’s supporters.

Kodhiambo Henry Amen to the Bible verse.

Nyakang’o Jeff This is why I say in Kenya right now don’t trust anythng leave alone these politicians, nowadays you set an alarm to wake you up at 4 am but you have to wake up at 3:50 am to confirm if it is still on

Trinie Jay Horton Hope you will start dressing like his followers

Edwin Rono I’ve always been your fan and a supporter, but on this, I’m not boarding

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Ndung’u Julie You are indeed a wise woman mum…that part ati you forgot to wear a head scarf hahaaaaa

Coletta Call And that’s why you still wear campaign uniforms…are you serious on this..totally confused.

Eng Kipkem God bless you Mama County. This is humility

Msafiri Kay Politicians…are just blind followers!

Ngengi Waweru Do politicians mean what they say when they quote bible verses? Thou shalt not steal should be number 1. Sijataja mtu. Just curious…

Nyamache Kevin Thank you mheshimiwa for recognizing your hour of visitation. Those making noise are agents of the devil. Don’t listen to them.

Steve Mutua The word is correct but that environment betrays u!!!

Victor Albert We love you but attending prophet of doom I’m not boarding Don’t adopt a phophet but adopt our city Nairobi

Wangari Mbuthia What does the mighty prophet hide in his big coat?

Esther Passaris
Esther Passaris with Prophet Owuor at Uhuru Park

Mwende SC Njeru So this guy tells everyone to sell their property and follow him yet he’s all high and mighty seated on a white ‘throne’? Yet the followers don’t find it funny that yeye mwenyewe swims in riches. Jesus told his disciples the same, but he was as humble as them. The level of brainwashing in this country though!!!

Caleb Cherop It takes the Holy Spirit to recognize that Prophet Dr Owour is the true Prophet of the LORD. For those fighting may your eyes be opened

Natalia Billions When are you going to Turkana

Judy Ogawa Am not a follower of Owuor but, I know there is freedom of worship. Do you.

Embakasi East member of parliament Babu Owino was also among the leaders who attended the event. He was prayed for by Prophet Owuor and below are the pics:

Babu Owino
Prophet Owuor praying for Babu Owino

Babu Owino

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