Joseph Kori, released from police custody as investigations on his late wife’s murder continue

Mr Joseph Kori, the husband of the late Mary Wambui, who was murdered by a mistress three weeks ago,  was picked up by officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and interrogated on Thursday

According to anonymous sources, at Gigiri Police Station, Mr Kori  was interrogated for a few minutes outside the cell and not returned to custody. The officers later returned to the station and signed that they had released the suspect who then walked to freedom at 9.05pm.

In a statement given by Kori he claims that after his wife called him at 4 pm on the day she was killed, he hang up the call. This was after his wife informed him that she was with Judy Wangui, who is believed to be Kori’s lover.

Joeph Kori and late wife Mary Wambui, murdered 3 weeks ago

He further told the police that he neither called his wife or lover after that brief phone call as he did not want to escalate what was already shaping up to be a day of drama between him and his wife. He continues that it was only later that’s he came to find out that his wife had passed on.

The suspects Mathenge and Wangui, are expected to be arraigned in court to face murder charges next week Wednesday.

Moreover, The release was also confirmed by Mr Kori’s relative, who said the suspect walked to freedom on Thursday.