Sexy Justine Namere and her boyfriend were sent to Luzira Prison over debts. Many people have come out to expose her dealings to the public.

“You are hereby commanded and required to take and receive Nameere into the civil prison and keep her imprisoned for a period of six months or until she pays the debt,” execution and bailiff’s High Court registrar, Flavia Nabakooza said.

Court documents indicated that Nameere sold to Muwonge a Mercedes Benz worth sh55m yet she had placed it as security at Platinum Credits.

Muwonge demanded that Nameere refund his money and she accepted to pay the money in February this year in vain.

“I’m quite familiar with Nameere’s woes. The money lender who sent her to the coolers is my friend. She got a loan last year and mortgaged her ML Benz. She presented fake documents with her father’s forged signature indicating that she had won a deal to supply coffee seedlings worth shs350m. Upon receiving the 50m/- she became elusive. Whenever the guy threatened to take action she’d retaliate with intimidation showing him her photos with M7. When the guy went to URA to transfer ownership of the Benz he discovered it had a caveat from Platinum Credit where she got a loan of 12m/-. When he approached the father, he denied issuing such a letter. Nameere vanished from the scene until one day the lender got wind that she had gone to report her boyfriend at Kiira Rd Police on a domestic violence case. That’s when she was rounded up. The boyfriend was sent to Luzira for hitting her with a bottle while she’s in the coolers for theft,” the source revealed.

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