Staff at Kyambogo University have unanimously to go on a sit-down strike starting tomorrow 1st August 2019.

The development follows a special staff joint assembly which sat on Tuesday in relation to the balance of their Presidential pledge salary enhancement.

“Staff unanimously adopted the FASPU/PUNTSEF resolution of 27th June 2019 which states that; if the balance of the presidential pledge on salary enhancement is not given in the financial year 2019/2020, all staff in public universities will not resume work effective 1st August 2019.”

In a letter written by the chairperson Kyambogo University Academic Staff Association KYUASA, Dr. Grace Lubaale and the KYUSASA and NUEI chairpersons respectively, it is communicated that all staff, Academic, Administrative and Support will not appear to work if their grievances are not dealt with, in totality.

The letter is addressed to the Kyambogo University Vice Chancellor, and copied to the academic registrar, and other senior officials.

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