The Ministry of Sports has said it owes sportsmen and women Sh235 million in pending awards.

Sports Principal Secretary Peter Kaberia

Sports Principal Secretary Peter Kaberia Speaking before a parliamentary committee on sports, culture and tourism, said they have been unable to pay due to lack of funds.

 “At the moment, we owe our sportsmen and women who have excelled in past international events Sh235 million. Unfortunately, the figure keeps rising as they continue to win,”  

He said the awards keep rising as more athletes continue to win medals in international competitions.

“We require budgetary support to be able us to pay considering that these awards continue to encourage our athletes to do well in international events,” he said.

The award scheme was mooted more than ten years ago and has seen Olympic gold winners get Sh1 million, silver medalists take home Sh750,000 and Sh500,000 for bronze medalists.

The government has, however, not honored the awards due to budgetary constraints, he said.

Kaberia told the committee they need almost Sh1 billion for various sporting events lined up for this year and that lack of funding has led to stalling of renovation and building of new stadia.

“We had planned to build seven regional stadia but this has not been possible owing to lack of funding.

“Renovations at Kasarani and Nyayo stadiums have been done but not completed because of lack of finances. The two facilities are however usable though a lot of work still need to be done on them.”

The ministry has not been able to build the five stadia promised when the jubilee government came to power.

Credits:The standard