Teenager, Samantha Simpson is speaking out against trolls who brand her husband a ‘child snatcher’.

The 19-year-old married to her husband, JR, 62, met through mutual friends when she was just 18-years-old and fell in love with him.

The two got married on January 8, 2018 after dating for one year, and live in Wichita, Kansas and are making plans to start a family.

However Samantha’s family refused to accept their relationship, and Samantha, a student, claims that they still receive daily abuse from strangers – calling her husband a ‘child snatcher’, ‘pedophile’ and mistaking him for her grandfather.

Samantha said: ‘When we are out in public, we have strangers mistaking us for grandad and granddaughter all of the time and it can really upset me.

“It’s even worse when people call JR a ‘child snatcher’ or a ‘pedophile’ when they see us hold hands or kiss in public”

She added that there’s not a moment when they are out and about that someone doesn’t make a comment about our relationship, and it’s just exhausting.

 “we have had enough of a hard time with family and friends not accepting our relationship. when strangers do it too, it just becomes too much.” She commented

“We just want people to realize that we are happily married and serious about our relationship – and other people shouldn’t be discriminating us in such a way,” she added

After meeting JR, Samantha claims that she instantly fell for him due to his looks and his manner. Despite other people’s opinions on their relationship, the newlyweds are both taking their relationship very seriously and are even trying to have children.