patron of People Power Movement Robert Kyagulanyi commonly known as Bobi Wine,
has prophesied that Ugandans unlike in the past elections will rise up if president
Museveni tries to rig 2021 elections.

speaking to Al Jazeera on Saturday, Kyagulanyi accused president Museveni of
plotting to rig the elections as he did it in the past.

know that Museveni is planning to rig the elections as he has done it in the
past … But we are banking on overwhelming him because a vote can easily be
rigged if it’s not overwhelming,” Bobi Wine said.

however stressed that he does not believe in violence and will continue to use
all legitimate and legal ways of defending people’s voice but if president
Museveni tries to tamper with people’s votes, he will see the true colour of

did not say people may rise up. I said people will rise up to claim their
country if President Museveni stops us from participating or rigs the
election,” He said.

said the winds of change are sweeping the Continent and that, he expects them in
Uganda come 2021.

ultimately, if president Museveni tries to rig the election, the people of
Uganda will rise up and they will stop it. They are tired of this oppression;
they are tired and they will not take it any longer.”

also revealed that opposition is in its advanced stages of reaching consensus
to front a joint candidate ahead of the crucial polls in 2021.

said Ugandans need to do a lot of things to make Uganda a better country by putting
an end to corruption, dictatorship, cleaning the health system and education

want the voice of the people to surpass the voice of the guns. We want to put
an end to dictatorship and install civilian authority. We want to revive the
education system and awaken the healthcare system,” he said.

said people of Uganda should be united since they have been divided along ethnic
lines, religion among others.

want to return the rule of law and dignity to the people of Uganda. We want to
unite our people that have been divided along ethnic lines, social class,
political party lines. We want to create an environment where Ugandans in
America, Europe, etc feel blessed to return and rebuild their country,” he said.

Wine vowed to continue the struggle for freedom in Uganda despite state
restrictions and intimidation.

urged the youth to stand up for what they believe in and never to give up until
the battle is won.

going to continue the fight for freedom and it is the fight we must either win
or die trying,” Bobi Wine told Aljazeera.

have been denied an opportunity to contribute to our country. We have been
excluded as a new generation and we desire to contribute to building our
country, which we know we are going to live in.” he said.

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