Bongo and RnB singer, Otile Brown  took to social media to go against Radio Host Jalang’o after the latter compared him and other Kenyan singers with Tanzania’s Wasafi musicians.

Otile Brown
Comedian and radio host, Jalang’o

This came after Jalang’o famously known as Jalas on his Instagram page put up a list of artists including Kelechi, Masauti, Iddi Singer and of course Otile Brown and compared them to Wasafi which somewhat insinuated that they are not on the same level with the other Bongo singers.

Iddi Singer

Jalang’o Posted

”Do you know these guys Can take Wasafi head to head! Actually, they are better! All they need is your support! What Do you think?”

Otile in response to this, bashed Jalang’o saying that he strongly disagreed with the comment, and that the comparison not only demeaned Kenyan artists but also made them look like they are not up to per.

On his post on Instagram Otile said:

Am not trying to attack you bro but enough talk about Wasafi, we are good stop making us look miserable and small with all these debates every time, artists from other countries are watching. We ain’t small like you all make it look, if we are not there we will get there,”

”I believe the more you work hard and smart the more you level up. And you can’t force anybody to support you or support what they don’t feel. There’s no other way around it,”

It was very clear that regardless of whatever intentions Jalas had in mind, this post and comparison did not end well for him.