Photos of a 31-year-old Nigerian man with his newly wed, a 79 year-old mzungu have surfaced on social media attracting a lot of attention.

The photos of the two love birds getting cosy with each other, widely spread across social media platforms and have been met with mixed reactions from online masses.

The couple got married in September 2018 with the wife, Bentley, boldly posting several photos of their wedding on her social media accounts.

Among the reactions that stood out is an African, Nigerian lady who questioned the Genuity of Nigerian men and their preferences in women.

Funke Fatai #Bbnaija @Phunkey__ posted on Instagram

Nigerian guys will not marry a girl who already has a child..but dey will travel abroad and marry der great grand mother. ”

To respond to this Sir Hussein @sirhussein_  posted

“What has a Nigerian girl with a child gotta offer in this Nigeria? Mind you, what green card has joined together, let no man put asunder.”

In kenya the young women marrying older white men has been a growing trend. This was however a unique case seeing the bride was a bit older than the groom.

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